Spending Your Time to Play Puzzle Games in Android


Everybody loves games. During these days, most people have games in their smartphones and spend their leisure time to play games in their smartphones. Some of them might be adventure games, simulation games, or mystery games. One interesting fact to see is puzzle games. These games, in fact, have drawn much attention from smartphones users. Some people have opinionated that these games build their own curiosity and some had thought that the games had helped them to trigger their brains system to think harder and this is the list of puzzle games in Android:

  1. Cut the Rope : Magic

This is one of the cutest puzzle games in android. The game is a part of Cut the Rope franchise. In the game, the player plays as a little monster called Om Nom. The player need to feed Om Nom to advance to another level and to get the food, there are several puzzle games to be solved. The game features many adorable animations and it can be played by children and adult.

  1. Limbo

Limbo is a bit different with another game as the game heightens darker theme and gloomy atmosphere. The player will be invited into a dangerous journey that can cause the character lost his life. This is one of puzzle games in android that are aimed for adult gamers because the themes are a bit heavier for children, albeit the main character for the game seems like a child.

  1. The Room Three

This is the latest installment of The Room series. Developed and published by Fireproof games, the game is initially made for iPad users, but now android users can also enjoy the game, along with iOS and Microsoft Windows. Similar with the previous game, The Room Three is still about a protagonist try to escape from the Null-based dimension by the support of A.S.; and the escape route is only revealed if the protagonist can solve some puzzles prepared by an evil entity. This game has quite nice graphics, you might find yourself amazed with the details while you are playing it.

  1. Lara Croft Go

At the first, the title of the game is similar with Pokemon Go, but it is way more different than that. The game is not encouraged you to explore the real world, but to solve certain missions in the game. Known as an adventure games, Lara Croft Go is also regarded as one of the puzzle games in android and it makes the list of mobile puzzle games in android longer. In the game, you play as Lara Croft and your need to solve some mysteries to accomplish the mission ahead. The game is interesting for you who likes to play some adventurous stuff.

Those are some puzzle games in android that you can download for your android smartphones. Some of them are free and the others are paid. If you do not want to pay much for the paid games, you can try to wait until there are sales for the games because sometimes Google store throw some discounts on some paid games, so you can save your money and pay for the games that you want.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Benefits: Reasons Why You Should Use Cheats


Are you a fan of Pixel Gun 3D? If you play this game often, you might be familiar with Pixel Gun 3D hack tools. You can take advantage of the game by making the most of the hack benefits. In general, you are asked to go around the map to shoot zombies and other creatures with machine guns or hand guns. Since you fight against other players in this game, you surely need a strong weapon. There are several modes available, such as survival mode, campaign mode, and multiplayer mode. If you are thinking to use hack tools, check out the benefits below.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Benefits: The Resources

Although Pixel Gun 3D is free to play, it still offers in-app purchase to buy gems. However, you can make the most of one of the Pixel Gun 3D hack benefits, which are free unlimited resources. By using Pixel Gun 3D hack tool, you will be able to generate free coins and gems with no limit. There are numerous hack tools which allow the players to input unlimited coins and gems at the same time without paying anything. The hacked resources can be used to boost your gaming performance in general. You can unlock premium guns and get infinite health.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Almost all of the tools offer anti-ban measures, therefore, you do not have to worry about being banned. Many hack tools also offer advanced options such as infinite health and infinite resources. Use the best gun available and defeat the strongest enemies in the most effective way. Make your dream of being the best player come true. Moreover, the tools is completely undetectable. There are many hack tools which are capable to add gems without being detected by the security filter. Additionally, hack tools are really easy to use, you can save your time and money at the same time.

By taking an advantage of the hack benefits, you can use premium items to be the winner in the game. All of the hack tools are free to use without any cost. You will not have to pay lots of money just for virtual items in the game. So what are you waiting for? Boost your gaming performance right away and defeat all of your enemies.

How to Play Jetpack Joyride


There are a couple of great tips and guides of Jetpack joyride that you can follow. Do not have to think about the level that you have to master, you just have to submit a lot of coins. There are a couple of useful Jetpack joyride tips that will help you in order to give you great experience of this game and also you can finish this game faster.

It is simple in order to get start the Jetpack joyride. You just have to press anywhere you want in your touch screen and the jetpack will start up. There are a couple of jetpacks that you can purchase, and this can be done by using the coins that you have to submit throughout the game. This is the perfect time in order to move on and advancing your game. You can buy the cool jetpacks if you get better. The purpose of this game is that you have to go as far as you can in every round.

For those of you who are looking for rewards that you will collect on the way, you just have to consider about the missiles, electrical fences and a couple of other dangers. You will find the difference between the dangers that will make your game over and the glowing icons which will help you to win this game. You have to focus on the game because it is very easy for you to control. For those of you who are using smart phone, it is easy for you to play it without having to control and memorize a couple of different buttons. You just have to touch the screen in order to move jetpack down and up and also you can fire a couple of different jetpacks. You have to consider that the first jetpack can only fire downwards that will give an easy and fast start in order to win this game.

Tips and Tricks

You have to make sure that you save your coins. It is difficult for you to save up gold coins so you have to finish 2 missions before you purchase item from stash of jetpack. If you want to purchase some stuff online, you can choose Counterfeit Machine. This machine is very useful in order to multiply the rate of your coin by 2 and you can buy it with a very affordable and reasonable price.

Best Pokemon Go Hack ForiOs Devices that You Should Download

Pokemon go hack for ios

Looking for these Pokemon Go hack for iOs is the next step of people who are addicting to play Pokemon Go through their iPhone. We realize that this game comes bigger and bigger every day. Everyone just starts playing this game on their smartphone. Thus, it forces us to collect some best hack apps for this game instead. For your information, interactive augmented reality game becomes a new way to play a game especially smartphone game. In this article, we prepared some hacks especially for iPhone users who want to hack Pokemon Go. What you have to do is just downloading one of those hacks and installing it to your iPhone


If you do not want to move your legs or walk, this Pokemon Go hack for iOs is your first thing to download. PokemonGOAnywhere offers easier way to play Pokemon Go. The users of this app should not have to walk to catch the Pokemon because we can move our avatar on the screen to walk. Moreover, you just need to tap where the character should walk on the iPhone screen. After that, it will go to the place as soon as possible. Search this app on Google and then install it on your phone. You will combine the old way to play Pokemon, right?

Poke Radar

It would not be enough if you have Pokemon Go hack for iOs without Poke Radar because you cannot catch your favorite Pokemon on a random location. By using this app, it helps you to find your favorite Pokemon. The system of Poke Radar is listed by other Pokemon Go players. They will mark a location that consists of the Pokemon which they have caught. If we combine this hack with the previous hack, it will be easier for us to be Pokemon Master, right? Furthermore, you can also tell other players where you have caught the Pokemon through the app.

Pokémon Go Battery Saver

All efforts that we did before to catch Pokemon will be disappear if our iPhone battery is going to empty. Thus, this Pokemon Go battery saver will help you to solve this problem. For your information, augmented reality ruins our battery phone quickly because it needs to open GPS, camera and real-time location at the same time. Meanwhile, the battery saver feature on the game is not enough to cut off the usage of battery. This app will cut off the usage of batter efficiently without any jailbreak action to your iPhone. In the end, these Pokemon Go hack for iOs are the best option for you.

Boom Beach Triche Tools for Great Experiences

Boom Beach Triche Tools

Boom Beach triche tools can actually be used and accessed by the players whether they are the beginners, the common players, or even the professionals who know everything much better than I am. The beginners might need to take more time to understand about what to do, what to earn, what to spend, how to upgrade, how to build, and so on. When they know that they would have a very long journey to explore with this Boom Beach game, they might seek the very simplest way to cut the long journey off so that they can great quality time in playing.


Feel Different with Boom Beach Triche Tools

Sometimes people would like to ask whether the Boom Beach triche tools tell the truth or not. Indeed, people will never think of anything except the comfortable way of playing. They might put aside their concerns to know whether the tools work well or not. For your information, there are some tools which can be used as the hack tool or the hack generator. This kind of hack tool will give you a lot of benefits like the never ending sources of money and also gems or diamonds.

Boom Beach triche tools will show you how to generate the number of coins, gold, and also gems. Whenever you are playing, sometimes you will be connected into the Google identity. This kind of identity is used for the second protection whenever the game is lost or whenever you might have forgotten about the password and the username to be linked to the account of your game. This identity is very essential because it will still keep you in the right track whenever you are not. In contrast, when you feel uncomfortable in it, you can skip it.

There are many kinds of similar tools of Boom Beach hack generator. Most of them are online but it does not cover the chance to access the Boom Beach triche tools through your device after you had downloaded it in your PC and connect it into the mobile device. It may take some minutes for the application to work well. Then, you will be directed to follow and do all the instructions given. It is not that complicated and hard because every single step has been made as simplest and as understandable as possible. Thus, it will be totally impossible for all the people who cannot understand the working system of these Boom Beach triche tools.

Summoners War Sky Arena Tips And Tricks You Must Know

This Summoners War Sky Arena Tips and tricks is the best way to master the game. Summoners War Sky Arena is a new fascinating turn-based role playing game where you and your party exploring in a journey battling enemies using different elements. The game can be challenging to play but you will get some help with these tips.


Summoners War Sky Arena

Summoners War Sky Arena Tips To Using Elements

Make sure you know which monster attributes are strong and weak and use it as advantages in battles. There are various different elements used in the battle by your party and enemies including Water, Fire, Wind, Dark and Light.  Each enemy uses one element. Make sure you understand which elemental attributes are weak and strong against each other. Fire is weak against Water, Wind is weak against Fire, and Water is weak against Wind, while Darkness and Light are only strong against each other. Remember this Summoners War Sky Arena Tips before sending character to battle.

Summoners War Sky Arena Tips To Battle

Attacking one enemy at a time is the best Summoners War Sky Arena Tips and strategy to win more in battle. Defeat one enemy at a time on the battlefield by concentrating your attack. During your party turn, don’t let them spread out their attacks on enemies. Attack only one enemy during your turn until you defeat it. This way will prevent enemies to return to attack as you’ll beat enemies one by one easier. The greatest confront in the game is the boss characters. The best way to defeat it is by understand the boss monster’s elemental attribute and then summon monsters that have stronger elemental type than the boss. These tough creatures can be taken down using your most powerful abilities along with asking other players to help you into battle. Special abilities of your monsters are the best attack and use it from the beginning of the battle.

Summoners War Sky Arena Tips To Arena Battles

The Arena is the place to acquire lots of great rewards. There are many essential items and Crystals that can be used for your monsters depending on your rank. Check the number of swords to know difficulty status of Arena and compete on the less difficulty parties available. You will get better rewards if you earn higher ranking at the end of an event. Earn more EXP and Arena points by competing in the Arena at all times. You will have higher chance of winning by purchasing Arena defenses. This Summoners War Sky Arena Tips will help to increase your stats so you can win more,

Clash Royale Hack Generators 100% Worked

Clash Royale Games

Clash Royale hack generators are the provider of free coins and free gold that users can take use during the game but interestingly the people can get this provider or this application for free. They only need to download the file and get the beneficial results that they have been dreaming off. They will get powerful cards, attractive new area for the battle, unlimited coins and gems that you can fill how many of them you would like to have. The card battle will never stop here.

Clash Royale Hack Generators Tips

Clash Royale hack generators will work based on what you tell them to. The generator will work directly from the website where you have entered the username or your email into it. It will ask you how many gems and coins that you want to be transferred into your account. Finally, you can use those gems and coins for everything that pleases you. The generator sometimes will show you the limit of the number that you can ask for. Thus, when you enter the number beyond the limit, it will never respond to you well.

Clash Royale Hack Generators Working System

Before describing further to you, you need to know some Clash Royale hack tips. What are they that people should take note of? The hack tool or hack generator is actually human made. The brain of the people might have imagined everything perfectly but the development of the ideas might not work based on their imagination. But at least, it works though it still has some lacks.

The gems generator and the coins generator come from the same generator. The difference is that the gems have unlimited number while the coin should not be entered started from 99.999 to 500.000 coins. In fact, for me personally, I prefer having more gems rather than coins because gems worth twice or even thrice better than coins. Clash Royale hack generators are the truly solution for those people who are stuck in the level where they spend weeks or months just to reach a level higher than you are right now.

As a suggestion, the number of those prizes might not mean anything unless you follow the instructions of the guidance from the website to do some surveys as the main requirement for regenerating coins and gems. This is surprising to know and realize that thousands of people have used this hack tool for enjoyable playing. You can check yourself by checking the Clash Royale hack generators.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Good Plot Yet Dull Performance

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

It has been a worldwide fact that Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the most anticipated game established and developed by Bandai Namco. There are some basic reasons why thousands of people are totally enthusiastic had been waiting for its launch and release. The first reasons might be because it would be the first product to lead into the new generation platform hoping that there would be the new invention of visualization quality that has never been existed before. The second is because the fact that this game would offer the innovative plot and the focus would go to the main character. This PC game guarantees that it will be the dynamic game platform.

Get the Preview Here

Dragon Ball Xenoverse offers good story indeed, but why do we say it has dull performance? Here is a brief preview about the plot of this PC game, hoping that you will get better knowledge about this game. In this game you will have the role of new character in Dragon Ball Saga. Most of us might have known this story either from the manga or the anime version. There are some reasons why we, even the adult people, like this story. It could be the destructive war concept that it has, the stunning character design, and the complete detail of the game that cannot be described separately.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has its special way to execute the plot excellently. Instead of bringing you back to its war history, this game was built in only an assumption. This can be proved by the statement, what would happen if. A scenario that enables the developer to have flashback the history of this iconic game and changes the outcome in the end is the one and only this game.

The players are asked to change the story timeline that was ruined in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Guided by the future Trunks, you will move forward into the different time in the future through the Books of Endings and the Beginnings. As what the people predicted, this ruin was caused by the mysterious power to solve. There would be no more future you had predicted, there would be no more Goku winning over Raditz, and also there would be no more Gohan corpse lying under Cell feet. In the other words, you will be a time agent who can simply return back to the beginning and the ending of time. Are you still interested in playing this game with different plot in your mind?

Hay Day Triche to Get the Best Result

Hay Day is the farming game which is played by a lot of people and every gamer want to get Hay Day triche to enjoy the game easily. Usually many people play this game after they come home from their job or when they have some leisure time to spend. Hay Day triche can help you to get the best outcome. When you use the tool, it is easy and simple thing that you can find around.


Result of Hay day triche


Hay Day Triche APK

Hay Day triche is found online and you do not have to get the files that will harm your laptop or PC because safety is more important than anything. There are a couple of steps that you have to keep in mind before you began to use the tool. First of all, you have to enter the online cheat and then you have to enter the email that is the one that you apply for you Android or iOS and you can choose the resources that you want to get into your account. After you are selecting how much diamonds and gold that you wish to get, you have to press on generate. You will be confirmed by phone or email when you exploit the finished second.

Features of Hay Day Triche to get Diamonds

You have to keep in mind that it is not good to overuse this and you have to use it at least once a day. When you overuse this tool, it will be easier to find out that you are applying the hack by the game developer. You do not have to be greedy or begin to add a lot or coins and diamonds which will suspicious and which will raise the red flag. That is why it is crucial to be safe.

One thing that you have to consider is that Hay Day is the game which is based on the farming. When you determine to use the Hay Day triche, you have to make sure that this tool is free from the viruses. The players will make the use of the Hay Day triche in order to generate the coins and diamonds within your account of Hay Day game. This is the simple and easy way for those of you Hay Day addicts out there to grow your farm quickly.

List of Game Genres

At this article, you will find a list of commonly used game genres which are completed with brief descriptions and examples of each game. Game genres are applied in order to categorize a couple of games according to their game play interaction instead of narrative or visual differences. Game genres are determined by a set of game play challenges. These game genres are classified of their game-world content or setting.

Traditional Fighting game

Fighting games mean one on one combat between two players, one player of which may be control by a computer. These types of games are usually played by linking long chains together of button presses on your controller in order to use physical attacks to attack your opponent. A couple of movements are employed by the characters which are usually dramatic and physically impossible occasionally. You have to keep in mind that combat is always one on one. This one of game genres first showed up in the year of 1976 along with the release of Heavyweight Boxing by Sega which became global phenomenon especially in the arcades along with the release of Street Fighter II. A couple of years ago, in 1992, the series of Mortal Kombat first launched and delivered with a couple of new features for future fighting games. There are a couple of features such as the performance of a finishing move on an opponent which has been defeated, a dedicated block button and secrets such as hidden characters and unplayable characters.

Pinball game

Pinball game is one of the game genres which are designed in order to replicate the appearance and feel of real life pinball table in virtual reality. A lot of pinball games feature the same game play style where you as player controls a left and a right flipper and you have to try to make the ball hit a couple of parts of the playfield in order to collect a lot of points. In pinball games, the control scheme is the same for the most part. Right and left shoulder buttons are sometime used to approximate tight and left flipper buttons of a real life pinball game. In a couple of cases, a pinball game features more than two flippers. Those flippers are two which are basically located at the bottom of the playfield, and the others are located above the bottom two. Pinball games become more popular in a couple of years on systems which have been handled.