Clash of clans hack and tricks to build strong army

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Clash of clans is fun and simple strategy video games that we can download for free in play store. Clash of Clans was released for IOS and android in august 2, 2012 since that day clash of clans become so famous until now. Even Clash of clans hack now is poissble for you to get unlimited coins, elixirs and gems. Many people playing clash of clans because the game play is easy to understand. In clash of cans players can construct and then develop their village to become stronger than other player. Also players can unlock and train their army to attack other village or participate in clans’ wars. In this article you will find how to build strong army to win every battle or wars in clash of clans.

How to build strong army in Clash of Clans ?

No matter type of game you would play, is it clash of clans or clash of clans hack. First, unlock all the troops in your barracks. This is the first important thing you need to know. Why you need to unlock all troops? Because you will get stronger army every time you upgrade your barracks, army with huge power like dragon and P.E.K.K.A only available in barracks with level 9 and 10 so make sure to upgrade your barracks first if you already have enough elixir that needed to upgrade your barracks.

Second, if you already unlock all troops in your barracks then your next priority is making your army camp bigger. Army camp in clash of clans is place where you put army before you use them in battle or clans wars. Army camp with level 5 or lower can only fit for 25 until 75 armies. So upgrade your army camp at least until level 7 or higher, so you can bring at least 100-210 armies each battle or clans wars where you participate in it. Bigger army camps you have also make your chance to win the battle become higher.

Clash of Clans Hack Benefits

Doing Clash of Clans Hack you will get more benefits than you use the general clash of clans. If in general case of the game, you just have opportunity to play the game with limited features, Clash of Clans Hack doesn’t like that. It offers you unlimited coins, gems and elixirs. Some tools that help you to hack it to be more fun and fun!. So are you waiting for, le’ts hack it and play more!

How to successful farming in the game FarmVille 2

Farmville2 is one of the farming online games which can you play online on your smart phone. This game is also can be played interestingly on your facebook. Well, this nice game is about the farming land should be mannered well so that you will get the wonderful farming land. You can grow some kinds of plants, fruit, and also you can buy many objects to support you in making your land be more developing. Okay, for you who just know a little bit about this game, let it tell you more.
FarmVille 2 successful farming


So, how to play FarmVille2?

Actually, this game is similar with the online game named Hay day. Have you ever heard about it? Yes that’s right; this game is about the way in processing farming land to be more wonderful also. Well, surely this game will make your spare time be more meaningful and pleasant because it is designed modernly with the cute animation design. The sound used in this game also is not boring so that you can play it for a long time. Come to the way in playing this game, firstly, this game prepared you premium currency so that you have enough money to buy the exclusive product. By having it, you can make your production process fast.

Secondly, you need to mannered your farm land by doing something benefits. For example, you plant the wheat. The wheat used to make the wheat flour and the wheat flour is used to feed the cows. Next, the cows will give you the milk. You can use the milk and wheat flour to make the delicious cake and you can sell your cake to the requesting board or to the other players so that you will get more money. After having much money, you can make your farming land be more beautiful in FarmVille2.

Lastly, you can also doing many things such as fishing, digging, fulfilling the orders, and others to get the more money. By having much money you can build your farming land be more beautiful of course. This game is surely easy to be played because you don’t need too much tricks. You will know about the way in playing this game after having it in your smart phone. Absolutely, this game has a pretty good quality on its design so that it looks amusing always. Finally, if you are interested to play FarmVille2, you can download at the google play store.

Top Boom Beach Hack and Tips to Defeat the Blackguard

Boom Beach Tips to Defeat the Blackguard


If you are playing Boom Beach you have to fight against the Blackguards who keep assaulting and attacking local islanders. In order to do that, you have to build a great defense before you attack them and helping the local people reclaim what is rightfully theirs. You have to spend you coins and diamonds widely if you have resources scarce and troops at a minimum. It is better for you to make a good decision which will set up your victory over the Blackguards. These are a couple of Boom Beach hack and tips that you can do to keep you on the track while playing this game.

Upgrade before quitting the game

Sometimes, it takes a couple of times to build a couple of types of buildings and structure than others. You have to choose wisely because you can only build one thing at a time. While you are playing the game, you build a couple of items which need short time and then you can start build things which need longer time right before you quit playing. You can be alerted by Boom Beach with a push notification when your items are bone being created. This will help you to save your real currency on diamonds if you want to have big projects.

Upgrade saw mills quickly

Everything you build will be made from wood in Boom Beach because wood is the main important thing even though structures can be reinforced or you can upgrade them later by using iron and stone. You have to consider that, it is better for you to build and upgrade saw mills as fast as possible. You have to pay attention to them and you need to level up the saw mills before you can upgrade them. You have to level up your wood production immediately when you have resources to do so.

Iron and stone

If you want to upgrade current buildings or you want to build a new building, stone and iron are important things that you have to have in this game because you must have both wood and iron or stone. Player can get a lot of iron and stone by simply conquering the wars. It is very crucial for you but you have to consider that you will not use it so often. You just have to stockpile what you get form your battles and that is enough to do what you need normally.

Unique information about Angry Birds

angry birds


Angry Birds is the unique game can make you happy in your spare time. This game is popular from the recent years. Most of the people like this game and they come from children to adult. This is because this game is interesting and easy to be played. Absolutely, most of you know about this game right? Everyone who has smart phone mostly knows about this game. Furthermore, because this game is so popular there are many products around the world which are using the mascot of angry bird. The product from many kinds of dolls, keychain, kid’s clothes, and many others use the character of this nice bird which are angry.

Well, this is very easy to play this game. First, let’s find the information about this game. This game is produced by ROVIO. This is the well-known game’s company and releases this product in 2009. Today, this is not only most of the user of smart phone that ever played this game but also all the people can play it. You can download it and install to your gadget or computer. Absolutely, angry birds come with the attractive design with the simple way in playing it but you can be anxious when playing it. The way to play is simple but you cannot be finished easily.

Some people frustrated in playing this game because it is surely that this game is difficult to be mastered. This game is storied about the group of birds which are angry which have different colors such red, blue, yellow, white, and also black. They have a rival that is the pig. The way in playing this game is easy. You need to smash or crash all the pigs. However, it is not as easy as you think. If you can do it perfectly, you will get three starts. When all the pigs are smashed, you will come to the next level.

You can smash the pigs with the slingshot. The power of each bird is different. For example that one of the blue birds become three birds, the white bird have the egg which will be exploded, the yellow one has the amazing power and so on. To smash the pigs you need to break the barrier which made from wood, glass, and others. The big pig is also difficult to be smashed because it has bigger power than the small one. There are some kinds of angry birds such angry birds Rio, Angry birds space, Angry birds Season, and so on. You can download it easily from your gadget.

Summoners War Guide

Summoners War is game which has been released by Com2uS which one of the best websites nowadays. Summoners War game is a type of game which is completed with a lot of PvP, hard dungeons, and PvE which you can explore.


summoners war game play


Tips and Tricks

Boss Animations

Technical stuff is the right thing that you can begin. Boss Animations can actually be turned off by you. After a lot of times it gets old really quick while it is great to see when it is time for you to encounter the boss for the first time ever. After that you have to click on your account which is located on the top left side of your game play. And then you can go to options and select to switch off the boss animations. And there you go! You will not find boss animations anymore.

Choose your monsters

Your monster can actually be picked up and you can put them according to your preference by zooming in and tapping it in order to hold it. Once you have done that it is time for you to drag your monster where you want it to be.

Do not neglect your 2 up to 4 Star Monsters

Most of people sometime think that the natural 2 star monsters are useless and do not have value than the natural 4 or 5 star monsters when they start this Summoners War. It is not always the thing that you have to do when you start the game. These are a couple of examples of 2 star monsters that you have to keep and use.

Ramagos – This bear can train your fodder units and solo dungeons for you. This thing can also deliver difficult thing in the arena. Third skill clean shot can build a lot of ruin. You can operate it by using full HP% runes and you are going to have a great unit which will back you up to get the stronger monsters.

Water Magic Knight or Lapis – Lapis is the first great water monster that you can have after you are completing Mt. Siz normal. This monster is the monster that you can use for farming Faimon normal and hard and you do not have to invest in other monsters such as Raoq.

You can find a couple of more lists that you have to know but the most important thing is that you have to make sure that you read the skills of the monsters and you have to find what they do.